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Heribert Mardai

I was born on a Sunday afternoon, August 21st, 1983, on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. Raised in Arusha, the tourism capital of Tanzania, I am the last of nine children.

From a young age, I had a deep love for animals and nature in their purest form. Being a Leo by zodiac, cats have always held a special place in my heart, especially lions. This inspired me to pursue science studies and ultimately led me to enroll at the College of African Wildlife Management, where I completed a three-year Diploma in Wildlife Management. Afterward, I worked as a Driver Guide for a year at Nomad Tanzania Limited in the Selous Game Reserve before returning to the same college to obtain an Advanced Diploma.

Although not a frequent traveler, I was fortunate to visit several parks and the Frankfurt zoo in Wurtsburg, Germany. During my college training, I had the opportunity to explore most of the protected areas in the Northern circuit of Tanzania. These experiences increased my appreciation for the wild and strengthened my passion for nature.

Working in the wild has always been my dream, and I am grateful that it is the career path I have chosen. Every moment spent in the wild brings me immense joy, and I have had the privilege of witnessing the beauty and excitement that the wild has to offer. There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing this God-given gift with others. I invite everyone to come and experience the wonders of nature with me.

Camp Manager and Head Guide

Godlisten Kisanga

Moshi town, located in the northern region of Tanzania on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, is where I was born.

I received my primary education from Muhimbili Primary School in Dar es Salaam, while my secondary education was obtained from Kolila Secondary School in Moshi. I completed my college studies at PROTS College in Arusha, where I acquired a Certificate in Professional Tour Guiding and Leadership. My love for nature and the desire to interact with people from different parts of the world motivated me to become a guide.

After college, I worked at Rufiji River Camp in the Selous Game Reserve for two years, followed by a four-year stint at Nomad Tanzania before joining Beho Beho in 2013. Working at Beho Beho has been a lifelong dream of mine since my college days, and I feel fortunate to have realized it.

Having worked in various areas of Selous, I appreciate the "wild" ambiance of Beho Beho, where encounters with fewer vehicles during safaris are common. Working here has afforded me the opportunity to interact and work alongside guides from other parts of Tanzania.

Throughout my career, some of my most cherished experiences include coming into close proximity with lions, not needing the zoom function on my camera, and spotting a pangolin in the company of repeat guests during an afternoon drive in 2015. However, elephants hold a special place in my heart because they are incredibly active creatures that never cease to amaze me. Their capacity for memory is also among the largest of any animal.

I am excited to be a  walking guide at Beho Beho because I feel it allows me to become a part of nature truly. The experience of smelling, touching, and feeling everything around you while also getting a better view of the little things that might go unnoticed during a drive is unparalleled.

Assistant Camp Manager & Walking Guide

Idrissa Golugwa

I hail from Arusha, a renowned tourist destination in the northern part of Tanzania, where I was born in June 1988. 

Growing up, I was one of five siblings, and after completing my secondary school education in 2007, I was drawn to the tourism industry. From a young age, I had a keen interest in animals and their lifestyles, and tourism offered the perfect opportunity to pursue my passion.

However, due to the fierce competition for guide courses in Arusha, I had to opt for hotel management studies instead. Despite this setback, I landed a job as a waiter at Beho Beho, and in 2016, I received a golden opportunity to train as a nature guide - a dream I had cherished for years. I am now a fully qualified walking guide and love sharing my passion with the guests

Walking Guide

Justine Mlima

I was born on October 14th, 1993, as the eldest child in a Maasai family of five siblings. I spent my childhood in Northern Tanzania, specifically in Arusha, which is renowned as the heart of tourism in Tanzania. Upon completing my secondary education, I enrolled at the Tropical Center to pursue a certificate in tourism.

After obtaining my certificate, I began my career as a waiter at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Serengeti, where I worked for two years. Following that, I served as a guide  at Maasai Wanderings Safaris before joining Beho Beho as a junior guide. I have harboured a passion for becoming a guide since I was young and have always been enamoured by nature. The sound of birds singing in endless choruses brings me immense joy.

My aspirations include becoming a walking guide and eventually training and sharing my experiences with younger generations. Above all, I yearn to interpret nature and share its beauty with visitors.

Junior Guide

Fashood Odemba

I was born on 10th March,2000 in Arusha Region Located at the Northern part of Tanzania. Arusha is well known as the capital and the heart of tourism Industry in Tanzania. I am from a family of three children and I am the last.


Since I was a little kid I had true passion in Wildlife conservancy and tourism because I loved the animals and nature in General. Also been born by a safari guide father who played major role in shaping and determining my destiny in Tourism, helped me alot to posses the natural liking and passion of Wildlife Conservation and Safari Industry.


Therefore this inspired me to take science subjects in my Secondary school and later on got enrolled at the College of African Wildlife Management (Mweka), where I took Diploma in Wildlife Management. Which led me to go through many courses and Training Including paramilitary skills , high altitude climbs, Wilderness Camping,Wilderness survival techniques, tour guiding programs and many more.


Afterward I joined BehoBeho as a junior guide. Working as a nature guide has always been in my dreams and I find Joy and Happiness in interpreting the nature and sharing the wonders of nature with the guests

Junior Guide

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