Heribert Mardai

I was born on a Sunday afternoon August 21st 1983 right on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. I was raised in Arusha the tourism capital of Tanzania and the Geneva of Africa as the last of nine children.  

Since childhood I have had the love for animals and nature as it is. Being a Leo by zodiac I have always loved cats, Lions being my favourite. With that inspiration I took science studies and finally joined the College of African Wildlife Management where I did a Diploma in Wildlife Management for three years. Thereafter I joined Nomad Tanzania limited and worked as a Driver guide for a year in the Selous Game Reserve before going back to the same college for an Advanced Diploma.


Not being much of a traveller, I have had the opportunity to travel to Wurtsburg, Germany where I visited a few parks and the Frankfurt zoo. During my training at the college I have had the chance to visit most of the protected areas in the Northern circuit of Tanzania and that added to my experiences in the wild and made me fall even more in love with nature and what it has to offer.


I have always dreamt of working in the wild and I am thankful that it is what I am building on as my career. I enjoy every moment that I am out in the wild and I have seen the beauty and excitement that the wild has to offer, there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing that with others. I urge all to come and share this God given gift to Humanity with me.

Camp Manager and Senior Guide

Godlisten Kisanga

I was born on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Moshi town found in the northern part of Tanzania.


I received my primary education in Muhimbili primary school in Dar es Salaam and my secondary education in Kolila secondary school in Moshi. My college studies were completed in Arusha town at PROTS College, and I received a Certificate of Professional Tour Guiding and Leadership. I decided to become a guide because I love nature, and also to exchange ideas with different people from different parts of the world.


After College, I joined Rufiji River Camp in the Selous Game Reserve for two years, then Nomad Tanzania for four years, before coming to Beho Beho in 2013. I was really happy to join this camp as it was my dream since I was at College.


Working in the different areas of Selous, I can appreciate the ‘wild’ feel of Beho Beho – meeting fewer vehicles on safari than in other parts of Selous. Working at Beho Beho has given me the opportunity to work with and meet guides beyond Tanzania.

Some of my favourite experiences have been getting really close to lions, I didn’t even need the zoom on my camera, and in 2015 I saw pangolin when on afternoon drive with repeat guests. But I really love elephants because they're very active all the time, doing different things and I can't get tired of looking at them, and also, their memory capacity is very big compared with other animals.


I am looking forward to become a walking guide at Beho Beho. I feel that as a walking guide I can really become part of the nature. It’s when you have the chance to smell, touch and feel everything around you, and see more of the small things that you might not see on a drive.

Walking Guide

Idrissa Golugwa

I was born in June 1988 in the Northern part of Tanzania in a place called Arusha. Arusha is a very popular city for tourism; a beautiful city to visit. We call the city the 'African Geneva'. 




I am one of five in my family. After finishing secondary school in 2007, I decided to join the tourism industry. Everybody has some thing they want for their future. For me tourism is one of the things I have liked since I was young, especially animals and their lives. At that time it was very hard for me to take a guide course because of job competition in Arusha. So I decided to study hotel management.  Two years ago, I got a job in Beho Beho as a waiter. This year (2016), I got a golden chance to train to become a nature guide. This is the moment I had waited years for - to a achieve my dream.  My target is to become a professional nature guide and maybe one day a walking guide.

Walking Guide